Office building Wiesendamm, Hamburg

project data

Hamburg, Deutschland


Sprinkenhof GmbH, Hamburg

competition, 1st prize 2019

GFA 15,838 sq m

A new office building is to be built on a former production site of a mechanical engineering company in Hamburg-Barmbek. The property borders directly on a canal and forms the end of an elongated ensemble of halls between "Wiesendamm" and a suburban railway line. The location by the water is characterised by its high-quality urban space. Making use of this spatial quality, we propose a two-part building solution around a spacious square that opens up towards the water. West of the square, a free-standing 12-storey high-rise building marks the public space. The attractive square with access to the canal is characterised by its sunny south-west orientation and a generous flight of stairs.

Images: Störmer Murphy and Partners