Quartier am Wald, Worpswede

project data

Worpswede, Germany

housing, health and day care

TWG Triangel Worpswede GmbH and Quartier am Wald GmbH, Worpswede

completion 2020

GFA 11.305 sqm

In Worpswede, home to the most significant artists‘ colony in northern Germany, a new residential quarter has been built. In cooperation with the local investor, we developed a contemporary settlement concept as an alternative to the ubiquitous, uniform estates on the suburban periphery. Modern architecture and an urban planning concept that promotes a social and solidarity-based neighbourhood community for all ages were important tasks, as well as high demands on climate and environmental protection for sustainable building and living. Twenty semi-detached houses, six terraced houses, and five appartment buildings each with four units have been built, arranged in groups around communal courtyards. At core of the site, there is a community centre that houses an assisted living residence for senior citizens as well as a children’s day care centre. The estate‘s common design idea – striking shed and monopitch roofs and a uniform materiality with visible timber elements in the façade – lends an unmistakable identity that is both homogeneous and distinctive.

Photos: Rainer Taepper, Störmer Murphy and Partners