Neue Mitte Stellingen, Hamburg

project data

Hamburg, Germany


MAGNA Real Estate AG

competition, 2nd prize, 2019

GFA  23 000 sq m

In the centre of the Hamburg district of Stellingen, the relocation of sports grounds will free up an area of approximately 7.3 hectares, on which a quarter with a variety of residential and office uses, retail and public amenities will be developped. Our contribution to a competition for the realisation of plot D was awarded second place. The site is intended for privately financed rental housing. This includes special forms such as cluster living for senior citizens and students as well as maisonette apartments for combined living and working in a part of the ground floor zone. Our design proposes a solid wood construction for the buildings, which is enclosed by an outer shell of brick facing the street and light-coloured plaster surfaces facing the landscaped inner courtyards.

Visualisierungen: Störmer Murphy and Partners