Office building Bonneshof, Dusseldorf

project data

Dusseldorf, Germany


Am Bonneshof 5 Grundstücks GmbH c/o Quantum Immobilien AG, Hamburg

status: planning stage

GFA 6,581 sq m

A new office building is being constructed in the Golzheim district situated north of Düsseldorf's city centre. The building consists of four two-storey sections, which appear to be playfully stacked on top of one another like building blocks. The design of the floor plans creates the greatest possible flexibility for future use and allows for individual adaptation of the office spaces. Generous roof terraces provide a lounge area with a view. The façades of the two-storey plinth are clad in dark, rough stone panels that contrasts with the large windows. The design of the floors above is characterised by light-coloured materials and vertical proportions. White façade elements of different widths alternate with each other to create a lively, rhythmic façade appearance. After completion, the office building will be awarded the DGNB certificate for sustainable building in gold.

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