Visionarum, Bremen

project data

Bremen, Germany


Visionarum GmbH, Bremen

Competition, 1st prize 2003

GFA 10,700 s qm

The Visionarium is planned as an extension to the Universum Science Museum in Bremen. The centre for experiential sciences and knowledge aims to encourage people to explore the topics of future and innovation. Visitors can reach the Visionarium from two sides. On the eastern side, a square laid out as a flight of steps invites people to sit and linger in fine weather, while on the western side, the foyer hall provides a sheltered entrance area with a restaurant. The Visionarum is organized on three levels that are themed around the past, the present and the future. The area of the future protrudes into the other levels from above, creating an impressive 16-metre-high exhibition space that shows in concrete examples, what the world might look like in the future.

Visualisations: Störmer Murphy and Partners