Travel parks prototype

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Various sites

Gastronomy, commercial, recreational

Primus Capital Development GmbH & Co. KG, Mölln

Prototype in planning

With our "Travel Parks" project, we have developed a sustainable, ecological prototype for motorway rest areas/service stations that transforms the conventional concept into a new recreational and gastronomic experience. Travel Parks not only meets the needs of professional truck drivers, but they are also attractive for business travellers and families: structured like a courtyard, the welcoming architecture, a variety of shops as well as gastronomic facilities invite you to linger. Each Travel Park is embedded in a landscape of safe, well-kept green areas and playgrounds, which offer families in particular a pleasant rest in the fresh air. Fuel and electric charging stations, car services, and a modern budget hotel with business and family rooms round off the concept.

Visualisations: Störmer Murphy and Partners