South Central, Hamburg

project data

Hamburg, Germany


ECE, Hamburg

1st prize 2021

planing stage

GFA 18.834 sqm

In Hamburg-Hammerbrook, a district between St. Georg and the HafenCity, a new office building is to be added to the City South area, which has been under construction since the 1980s. The site is located on the highly frequented traffic artery Amsinckstrasse and, due to its location, forms the southern starting point of the district, which is strongly shaped by industry and commerce. A special feature of the site is the elevated suburban railway line (S-Bahn) and the iconic Hammerbrook station in sight. The planned six-storey building is intended to give the main traffic artery a new appearance. It is designed as a modular building.
The façade is planned with unitised curtain wall modules with brick facing; the module size is based on the system grid. The façade is characterised by the projecting horizontal bands and the profiled pilaster strips. The pronounced three-dimensional design of the façade has a sculptural effect and creates a dynamic impression through the interplay of light and shadow.

Visualisation: Bloomimages