Porta Europa, Torino

project data

Corso Lione, Turin, Italy

Office, Housing

Franco Costruzioni Real Estate, Turin

Competition 1st prize 2008

GFA 30,000 sq m

At the end of a major north-south axis, the new building „Porta Europa“ will form a highly visible landmark. It completes the “Spina 1” quarter and will form a connecting element for the residential districts to the east and west. The office and the residential tower will be supported by a common platform. The top eight floors of the office tower cantilever from the façade. Especially when viewed from a distance, it becomes apparent that the project is tightly interwoven into the urban spatial situation. The special location has inspired us to subtly transfer the theme of oscillation and movement to the façade of the office tower. The office tower comprises of a ground floor and 24 upper levels. The building is accessed via a drop-off zone on the west side. The entrance hall is connected with the „Spina Bar“, through which the office tower is also linked to the mall. All levels offer approx. 980 square meters of floor area. The central core with four lifts allows for an optimal division of the office levels into to a maximum of four smaller units. The cantilevered areas of the top eight floors extends the floor area of these levels. In these highly attractive spaces, interesting areas offer a special quality with northward views towards the Alpine region and across the city centre.

Visualisations: Moka-Studio