Maschinenring, Neuburg

project data

Neuburg, Germany


Maschinnring, Neuburg

1st prize 2023

planing stage

GFA 5.270 sqm

As the headquarters of the national and international Maschinenring organisation, Maschinenringe Deutschland GmbH aims to create a world of work, encounters and experiences. The site with an attractive gentle slope is located on the outskirts of Neuburg an der Donau. We consider the new world of experience for Maschinenringe as part of this landscape. The roof of the building complex emerges from the ground like a floe and is covered again with the originally grown soil of the slope. This natural cover serves to protect and cool the building. Facing south and to the slope and road, the building with its four levels rises confidently from the ground, providing both views and presence to guests and passers-by.
The hybrid construction of reinforced concrete and wood combines the advantages of solid construction with timber construction and offers an optimal construction method and ecological balance: renewable and resource-saving, carbon-binding and recyclable.
The landscape architecture aims to reflect the character of a cultivated landscape and connect with the work of Maschinenringe. Different corn crops, cereals, and other crop plants can be experienced throughout the year. The areas surrounding the building, towards the east, south, and west, should align with the vegetation of the adjacent cultivated landscape, integrating into the landscape and strengthening the image of the building amidst the "rapeseed" or "wheat" fields.

Visualisation: Bloomimages