Concert Hall Nuremberg

project data

Nuremberg, Germany


Competition, 2017

City of Nuremberg

GFA 17,000 sq m

Independence despite closeness to the existing building structure: The design for a new concert hall in Luitpoldhain, Nuremberg, is a striking link between old and new, city and park. The design is characterized by a fine balance of independence and integration into the existing ensemble of Meistersingerhalle, Garderobenhaus, and hotel. This is achieved through a concert hall which, as the centrepiece and heart of the building with its independent, sculptural design and material vocabulary, can also be recognised from afar. It is embedded in a mantle building that relates as carefully as naturally to the orthogonal and factual design vocabulary of the existing buildings. Large façade areas form a "canvas" for a poetic narrative and translation of the theme of sound and music into architecture, which is to be experienced from both inside and outside. The orientation of the new building is clearly directed towards the city centre. A 14.5-metre high glass façade facing Schultheißallee resembles a large window to the city and opens the building towards the newly designed boulevard. The concert hall projects 14 metres above the new forecourt and forms an impressive and prestigious entrance to the new concert hall.

Visualisations: Störmer Murphy and Partners