Industriehalle Behrens-Ufer, Berlin

project data

Berlin, Deutschland


DIE | AG Deutsche Immobilien Entwicklungs AG, Berlin

LPH 3 + 4 in Bearbeitung

BGF 6.200 m

The former company grounds of the “Nationalen Automobil-Gesellschaft” is to be transformed into a modern and ecologically sustainable commercial quarter spanning approximately 100,000 sq m. The new building we propose will adjoin a protected historical production and office complex and is designed as a timber-frame structure with a stabilising reinforced concrete core. The large glass façade of the hybrid building is restrained and characterised by a calm grid along Ostendstrasse adjoining to the north. However, towards the southeast, the building noticeably opens up, gaining dynamism. A grass landscape on the balconies not only provides a special outdoor quality for the users but also contributes ecologically to the new development.The interior design is significantly characterised by exposed concrete, glass, aluminium and wood. The material selection for the interior was primarily based on achieving a favourable CO2 balance and good recyclability of the building materials. Furthermore, careful attention was given to reducing the use of composite constructions to improve deconstruction and recycling possibilities. The desired energy standard was designed to meet the eligibility for funding as an "Effizienzhaus-Stufe 40" (Efficiency House Level 40) according to the BEG (Bundesförderung für effiziente Gebäude/ Federal Funding Programme for Energy-efficient Buildings ). Additionally, for Building A 2.1, a “Platinum” level certification was achieved within the framework of the sustainability certification by DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council).

Visualisation: Störmer Murphy and Partners