Medical Centre, Ahrensburg

project data

Ahrensburg, Germany


Hamburger Grundstückskontor GmbH, Hamburg

Competition, 1st prize 2005

GFA 7,600 s qm

At the busy intersection Hamburger Straße / Woldenhorn a new medical centre is to be developed as an important component in the urban fabric of Ahrensburg. The new corner building is divided into two parts: the three-storeyed volume takes up the height of the adjoining buildings on both sides and completes the perimeter development. Towards the corner, two more storeys protrude from the lower volume. They mark and raise the urban corner point, which provides an entrance to Ahrensburg’s central shopping zone. Deliberately positioned façade recesses and window formats playfully relate to the proportions of the surroundings, generating a discreet variety of small-scale structures and subtly increasing the dynamic towards the corner.

Visualisations: Störmer Murphy and Partners