We are an established architectural practice, recognized for our award-winning portfolio of successfully completed comissions with a wide range of typologies, scales and budgets. With our design-driven team, we place a strong focus on research and innovation, grounded by decades of hands-on building experience. We believe that good design is sustainable design – not only by creating robust, durable buildings with a responsible choice of materials and use of natural resources, but also by shaping unique places with strong identities and a long-lasting cultural significance. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for this – we are driven by the passion to create.




Realized projects




Maschinenring – competition, 1st prize

We perceive the new world of experience for Maschinenringe as part of the landscape. The hybrid construction of reinforced concrete and wood combines the advantages of solid construction with those of timber construction and provides an optimal construction method and ecological balance: renewable and resource-saving, carbon-binding and recyclable.


Our contribution to the Frankfurter Ring competition in Munich

As part of the competition process, we developed a new architectural and urban development concept for the industrial area between the Frankfurter Ring and the DB Nordring railroad line in Munich, which was previously used by Leichtmetallwerke Bayern. The areas for the manufacturing industry were supplemented by publicly accessible uses such as gastronomy, culture and retail. Particular importance was attached to the development of generous green and open spaces.


The Fontenay voted for Design Hotel of the Year

“The 101 best hotels in Germany” were chosen for the fourth time. The superior hotel THE FONTENAY (interior design in collaboration with Matteo Thun & Partners), which opened in spring 2018, won the main prize in the “Best Design Hotel” category. A project that combines exclusivity, uniqueness and relaxation at a particularly high level.


For more sustainable architecture

We design buildings that are geared towards the future – resistant and robust, adaptable and changeable, with healthy materials and high aesthetic quality. Visit our new microsite for sustainable architecture and find out more about our ecologically sustainable projects.


DGNB Gold and WiredScore Gold for the ConneXion Office

The ConneXion office building, which was put into operation last year, has been certified with DGNB Gold and WiredScore Gold. The 10-storey building has a usable floor area of ​​around 17,000 m². With a slightly convex main facade facing the railway tracks, the building completes the block of buildings. In the central area above the podium, each of the side façades is curved inwards, thus widening the outdoor space towards the neighbouring buildings and reinforcing the campus character of the area. The façades are characterised by trapezoidal columns and circumferential light ceramic bands with glazed and profiled surfaces.

For reducing the carbon footprint of our designs.

Together with DIEfabrik – Architekten and Jim Bögershausen, we have developed the eCO₂ tool. eCO₂ brings together various software solutions and enables comparisons of characteristic values of alternative planning approaches in the early service phases, without these having to be specifically defined. The result is an efficient planning process with an optimized ratio of costs and carbon footprint.


Enough challenges with the timber high-rise

Kasimir Altzweig, the responsible partner for competitions at Störmer Murphy and Partners, challenges the principle that architecture must always be for people in the HEINZE Podcast. “So for whom exactly? Rather, we should build something that connects us all.” Find out what he means in this episode. He also talks about how a lost competition was crucial for the implementation of the timber high-rise Roots, and why Störmer Murphy and Partners did not adhere to the specifications of the competition brief, leading to the loss of this competition.


In future, houses could be built from wood in a climate-friendly way

Germany’s tallest wooden skyscraper is currently being built in Hamburg, 19 stories and 65 meters high. In Switzerland, too, an 80-meter-high residential tower made of wood is soon to be built. New territory for architects and building authorities. But it is a trend that is picking up speed.


Cooling the earth – how do we get CO₂ out of the air?

Our planet is getting warmer – that’s clear. How can we cool it down? The film shows how innovative processes are being tested around the world and has them evaluated by leading climate researchers: can biochar, which contains particularly high levels of CO₂, replace the climate killer cement in the construction industry?


Freiham’s centre is taking shape

Munich’s Freiham district is the largest neighbourhood development in Europe. ZAM is the name of the local district centre with 90,000 square metres of floor area where 25,000 people will live and 15,000 people will work. Our part of the project at Freiham S-Bahn station is the lively hub of the new city district. The Süddeutsche Zeitung stated: “The compact central square opens towards Bodenseestraße and is enclosed on the other three sides by large buildings. Their visual impact is reduced by the ten-metre-high arcades, which lend the ensemble lightness and at the same time link it visually.”

65 meters in Hamburg’s HafenCity – Roots is the tallest wooden high-rise in Germany.

Visit our microsite and our showroom in Hamburg’s HafenCity. In the immediate vicinity of the Roots construction site, on the Marketplace of Manufactories, we will guide you through the presentation of the Roots project. Please register by email.




Publication Yearbook of Architecture

Yearbook of Architecture.
German Architecture Publishing House
Published November 2023
Störmer Murphy and Partners on pages 42-43


Publication German Architecture

German Architecture. Time Project 1950-2025
The Focused Monographs
Published March 2023
Störmer Murphy and Partners on pages 136-151


Sustainable architecture

Is there such a thing as sustainable high-rise buildings? It seems to be possible with wood as a building material. The September issue of the renowned architecture magazine Baumeister presents a selection of completed projects as well as those in planning and under construction that aim to prove that sustainable high-rise concepts do exist – including our Roots project.


Hammerbrook’s new face

Last year, the real estate and investment company Becken built the DGNB Gold and WiredScore Gold-certified office and commercial building “ConneXion Office” on one of the last available plots in Hamburg’s city center, within sight of the main train station and the art mile, and has since sold it.


BIM, sustainable architecture and eCO₂

“We had the idea that BIM could help us to take better care of sustainability.” – Hanns-Jochen Weyland, Associate Partner and DGNB auditor in an interview in Bauwelt.

Architecture and design in motion.

Our office was originally founded as Jan Störmer Architects, followed by a decade-long partnership with Will Alsop as Alsop & Störmer Architects. Since 2009 we have been Störmer Murphy and Partners. Get to know Martin Murphy and Kasimir Altzweig and our office in our Coroprate trailer.