Störmer Murphy and Partners.

We are an established architectural practice, recognized for our award-winning portfolio of successfully completed comissions with a wide range of typologies, scales and budgets. With our dedicated, design-driven team, we place a strong focus on research and innovation, grounded by decades of hands-on building experience. We believe that good design is sustainable design – not only by creating robust, durable buildings with a responsible choice of materials and use of natural resources, but also by shaping unique places with strong identities and a long-lasting cultural significance. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for this – we are driven by the passion to create.

We are happy to share that our project ROOTS is a finalist for the MIPIM Award 2021 in the category „Best Futura Project“. Great news!

Historic preservation plan for the project "Unter den Linden"

To complete the conversion of the historic “Ochsenzoll Clinic” into a residential quarter, our office prepared a historic preservation plan. The 660-page document defines all design features, materials and finishes for the heritage-listed ensemble of buildings and the surrounding park – a practical guide to ensure that the unique character of the neighborhood is preserved.